WATERfresh Ultrasonic Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

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Different color: white, black

Size : 4.7 inch

Weight: 109.4g

Charge time: 90 seconds

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Product function
1.wireless charging:
Charging time is less than 90 minutes. once charged, it can last for morethan one week. saving energy and environmental friendly.

2. convenient to use:
Simple operation, four mode options: A, strong brushing B, comfortable brushing c. high-frequency massage D, whitening teeth

3. brush your teeth in all directions:
After the switch ís activated, it takes only 45 seconds to completea360-degree brushing action.

4. automatic memory function:
Intelligent store user habits- efficient and convenient.

5. integrating brushing and whitening.

Product Features
1 this product adopts allround waterproof seal design, LPX7-conveniant, durable and clean

2 U-shaped toothbrush head design. using food-grade silicone antibacterial
material, 360 degrees contacting with gums and teeth. Brushing your teeth and brings a quick and comfortable experience to your mouth every time.

3 the use of this product can prevent gingival recession, promote periodontal blod circulation and reduce theoccurrence of periodontal disease.



WATERfresh Ultrasonic Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush 有 1 个评价

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