It would be very inappropriate to answer with a simple yes or no. It is important to shed light on sparkling water itself. You would be wrong to think that the sparkling behind the water is just an adjective. Sparkling water is not the clear water gotten out of your kitchen tap into a glass. So, what exactly is sparkling water?

Sparkling water is also known as carbonated water. This is water that you infuse with the gaseous form of carbon dioxide. When you infuse this gas into water, a chemical reaction occurs. The chemical reaction causes the production of an acid called carbonic acid. Carbonic acid, although a weak acid, is still very much acid. The acid produced is what gives sparkling water its characteristic bubbling (Fizz) effect.

How does sparkling water affect the teeth?

Data made it clear that sparkling water is acidic in nature. The acidity in this drink makes it a potentially harmful substance to the teeth. The difference between sparkling water and other soft drinks is the calorie content. Many people switch to sparkling water from soft drinks because they see it as a healthy alternative. This is true if you have to pick a better option for your health and teeth in general. If you are trying to reduce your calorie or sugar intake, then this would be the best option. 

It is a fact that sugar plays a very important role in tooth decay. Having removed sugar from carbonated drinks by switching to sparkling water, the possibility of tooth decay becomes reduced. Reduced but not completely eliminated.

Most sparkling water has been rid of sugar and, as such, has a reduced negative effect on the teeth. Sugars have always acted as a catalyst to speed up the process of tooth decay. The implication is that, sugar is not the major agent of tooth decay. What causes tooth decay primarily is the acid in the drink. The carbonic acid in sparkling water is what becomes a threat to the teeth. Sugar is only a fuel source that allows the acid to burn faster. Removing the fuel source implies limiting the speed of reaction. Bacteria in the mouth find it easier to feed on sugar rather than acid. They act on the sugar in drinks to produce a lot of acid, making the decay process faster. The acid settles on the enamel and gradually eats through the enamel. The teeth become open to further damage and decay.

One fact is certain about sparkling water. When faced with a choice between sparkling water and soda, sparkling water is way better. With sparkling water, your teeth are only exposed to acid with no sugar catalyst to make things worse.

Studies all point to the fact that soft drinks have a 100 times more damaging effect than sparkling water. Generally, various studies have been able to establish that a mix of sugar and carbonation causes severe tooth decay.

How to drink sparkling water and protect your teeth

  • Drink with a straw: Drinking with a straw helps limit contact with your teeth. Reducing contact with your teeth would help reduce the damage to your teeth.
  • Rinse your mouth afterward: Ensure to rinse your mouth with either plain water or mouthwash after. This would help wash away any leftover sparkling water from your teeth.
  • Do not brush your teeth immediately after drinking sparkling water: Be sure to wait for at least 20 to 30 minutes after drinking sparkling water before brushing your teeth. Brushing immediately after drinking sparkling water poses a huge threat to the enamel. The acidic nature of sparkling water makes the enamel slightly weak, and brushing can make it worse.
  • Do not drink all through the day: Drinking constantly all through the day allows more accumulation of the acid. Avoid drinking throughout the day, and you will be able to protect your teeth.
  • Pay attention to your sparkling water content: Some sparkling water brands tend to have sweeteners. And others tend to be flavoured. Flavours imply more acidic content, which poses more threats to the teeth. On the other hand, sweeteners make sparkling water now a sweetened drink. This increases the risk of tooth decay 100 times more.
  • Brush your teeth regularly: Brushing your teeth from time to time would help protect your teeth. Also, brushing with the use of special toothpaste would help strengthen your teeth. Having stronger teeth and enamel, in particular, is a good way to protect your teeth.
  • Visit your dentist often: Visiting your dentist should be a regular routine to ensure your dental health is intact. A visit to the dentist would help spot any form of tooth decay and quickly rectify the situation.


Between a choice of sweetened soda and sparkling water, sparkling water is better. But between a choice of sparkling water and plain water, plain water would be a better choice. the choice is usually between soda and sparkling water. Sparkling water is always a better choice. This choice no doubt requires adequate oral care. 

The bottom line is that sugary drinks are bad for your teeth, and sparkling water is a better option.

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