What Else Can a Toothbrush be Used for? You’d be Surprised!

Dentists recommend changing a toothbrush every once in three months, and we all know that.

But sometimes, our toothbrushes are in A-OK condition, and it hurts to just throw them away.

Besides, don’t you think it’s unfair to use the toothbrush ONLY for teeth brushing when it’s a lot more versatile?

We will tell you how to use a toothbrush in many other ways.

1. Clean Your Combs

Cleaning your combs is one of the common ways to use a wasted toothbrush. A toothbrush does pretty well as a cleaning tool for combs. It’s ideal to clean items with very little space between them.

You can dip your dirty combs in a cleaning detergent and water mixture for 15 minutes. Then, you can brush out the hair debris from the comb’s teeth using a toothbrush and push it outwards.

Wash the comb, and it will come out all clean.

2. Rub Tile’s Crevices

A toothbrush is designed to reach all the corners and depths of your mouth. You just have to hold it correctly and it will do a good job there.

After using the toothbrush for the recommended period, it’s time to clean the tile crevices on your floor.

Hold the toothbrush the right way and apply force with some cleaning powder sitting on the surface. Rub the toothbrush on the surface to make it sparkly again.  

3. Get Rid of Stubborn Stains

A toothbrush is a great manual tool to fade even the most stubborn stains on your clothes, furniture, or carpet.

You can do it simply by sprinkling the detergent powder on the already wet stains, holding your brush, and rubbing the area with appropriate force. It should be enough to take out the grout and maintain the material’s safety.

4. Scrub Your Utensils

With a couple of wasted toothbrushes at hand, it’s good to think about giving your weary utensils a good scrub.

We use our utensils for years, but we only ‘surface’ clean them where we should give them a good scrub every once in three months. So use your toothbrush and do the magic!

5. Sleek Hair

Do you ever wonder how celebrities have such shiny, sleek hair with no flyaways? We are not saying that it’s because they all use toothbrushes (maybe they do), but you can surely use one.

The process itself is very simple, but you will have to use vaseline or egg white for the shine and to make your hair stay in one place. It can be uncomfortable for some girls so that they can search for alternatives. Whatever the options, a toothbrush will be there to help.

6. Manicure Your Nails

Everybody deserves a good manicure, but spending hundreds of bucks on it is not wise.

What’s a better and economical option here? Doing the manicure at home by yourself.

A toothbrush will come in handy here.

You can make a ‘manicure solution’ with shampoo, and whatever it takes, soak your feet in the mixture and use a toothbrush to brush off the dead skin. You can use it gently on the nails for a silky look.

If you have nail paint residue on any of your fingers, you can use the toothbrush with a little nail polish remover to get clean fingers.

7. Restore Your Jewellery’s Shine

Your jewellery is precious and delicate, which is why you are always afraid to deep clean it. But guess what? You can do it safely with a toothbrush.

Pluck out some of the bristles to make the retired toothbrush thinner so it can reach the design depths of the ornament.

If you think using the toothbrush is risky, know that it’s not if you are using it correctly. Otherwise, going to a professional jeweller will help.

8. Repurpose Your Toothbrush into a Mini Power Sander

Using a toothbrush as a power sander? Isn’t it going to be too uncomfortable? Definitely not!

Many influences are hopping on the bandwagon, so the trend has some hype and depth. But, it’s not only about that. You can use a toothbrush in the kitchen as well.

Use it to make your meals look aesthetic and yummy.

9. Exfoliate

There are trillions of exfoliation masks available in the market today. Most of them aren’t as natural as the bristles are. Plus, you have total control over the tool.

You can exfoliate any part of your body with a toothbrush, but it’s better, to begin with, your lips to see if it works for you. Rubbing the toothbrush on your lips with gentle pressure will help you slough away the dead skin tissues.

Why lips?

Because that’s what is mainstream, so you won’t be uncomfortable, before you exfoliate your lips with the toothbrush, you must ensure that the toothbrush is properly cleaned with no bacteria sitting at the surface.

Tip: You must use a moisturising oil, ointment, or even sugar or coffee for improved results. Once familiar with the practice, you can try the same on other areas to shed dead skin.

10. Polish Your Shoes

Is there anything a toothbrush can’t do? Yet, this is one of the most travel-friendly tips.

You are in a hurry, and you forgot to polish your shoes, but you have the polish and a wasted toothbrush in the car. Problem solved!

Use the toothbrush’s head and get some polish on it. Reminder: less polish can work, but too much can’t, so please be mindful there.

Gently stroke the shoe’s top with a toothbrush. Do not apply pressure because it can damage the material.


A plastic toothbrush takes ages to decompose. If we keep throwing them away every three months, our planet will flood with plastic.

So instead of throwing your toothbrushes, keep them in use. You can try one from our long lists of options to choose what fits best.

As we conclude, tell us if you have ever used a toothbrush differently. What did you try? Share your fun ideas in the comments for others to join the fun!

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