Are Cheap Electric Toothbrushes Any Good?

When considering the type of electric toothbrush to buy, there are many options to choose from. The choice is now dependent on every individual. The decision of choice depends a lot on pricing and preference. Some electric toothbrushes are more compelling than others. The basis of attractiveness depends on the various unique features and value they offer. All these contribute to electric toothbrushes being expensive or cheap.

To be very honest, the choice of an electric toothbrush depends heavily on your budget. This implies the amount of money you are willing to pay in order to get the satisfaction you want. Hence, the decision of spending big on an electric toothbrush might not be a bad buy if it will not burn a hole in your pocket. Generally, an electric toothbrush no doubt offers one important unique feature. This feature is that of plague removal through its vibration mechanism. This is the most important feature, and every electric toothbrush serves this purpose. The difference in price comes based on the oftentimes unnecessary features.

There are lots of brands, which produce effective electric brushes at way lower pocket-friendly prices. Importantly, they offer the essential features necessary for every electric toothbrush and sometimes more. Some of the features available in cheap electric toothbrushes are:

  • Long-Lasting Batteries: The average electric toothbrushes are rechargeable. They can provide over 30 days of battery life with just four hours of charging. They are no doubt cheap and offer value for your money. They can be gotten for value as low as $30 each. A 30 days battery life is more than effective to get the best from an electric toothbrush. They save you hundreds of dollars that could have been invested in an expensive electric toothbrush. This is proof that buying a cheap electric toothbrush still gives as much value. You can get an electric toothbrush that would last you days without having to recharge or breaking the bank either.
  • Timer: Contrary to popular believes that this feature can only be available on an expensive electric toothbrush. The good news here is that some cheap toothbrushes offer this feature which also helps you get the best brushing experience. You can get an electric toothbrush for as low as $45 that has the timer features. 
  • They can provide thousands of strokes: Unbelievably, some way cheaper brands of electric toothbrushes can produce up to 7,000 brush strokes in one minute. This is another very important feature of an electric toothbrush. Getting an electric toothbrush irrespective of the price would offer up to 7000 brush strokes. These strokes are more than enough to help you achieve the purpose of oral care.
  • Non-complex Functions: The cheap electric toothbrushes are so easy to use. A lot of times, people just want to brush without having so many complex features. This can only be gotten from a cheap electric toothbrush. Many features on an expensive electric toothbrush have been proven to cause a poor user experience.

Asides from these general and important features, which can all be gotten from a cheap toothbrush. There are some complex and unnecessary feature that makes an electric toothbrush expensive.

Here are some features that contribute to how pricey an electric toothbrush can get;

Feedback via mobile apps: Getting feedbacks over an app might seem a bit too much for a simple tool. This feature is really unnecessary to make one spend a huge budget over getting an electric toothbrush. This feature makes the user experience complex rather than a simple brush-and-go process.

Quality of material: The quality of material used in making an electric toothbrush can make them very pricey. An example is an electric toothbrush made of titanium that costs as high as $4000. Yes, the figure is right. Buying a toothbrush this pricey would not help you change your toothbrush as often as necessary. This would make the toothbrush more of an ornament than a tool for oral care.

AI technology: Using a toothbrush with artificial intelligence is really not very necessary to achieve oral care. It is a good feature on a toothbrush, but it can also make your brushing experience overwhelming. 

Also to consider the potential pros and cons of the cheap electric toothbrushes:

  • They are susceptible to damages: The components used in making the cheaper electric toothbrushes are of lower quality compared to the expensive ones. The target market of the less expensive toothbrushes is the lower-income earners or people who don’t find it reasonable to spend more than $100 on a toothbrush. This might not also be such a bad idea considering the need to change the toothbrush head regularly. And for children, in particular, buying an expensive electric toothbrush might not be a good investment. This is because children tend to have more cause to change toothbrushes even more often than adults.
  • The battery life: The expensive electric toothbrushes have batteries that can last for more than five years. This is one advantage the expensive electric toothbrushes have over the cheap ones. The cheaper ones are built with batteries that could start deteriorating rapidly after first use. This feature can also be a good one because people hardly use the same toothbrush for that long.
  • They do not have pressure Sensors: Some cheap brushes do not provide you the benefit of letting you know how much pressure you are putting on your toothbrush. Most expensive toothbrushes are packed with this feature so that you don’t damage them.
  • Frequent replacement of the toothbrush head: The brittles on the cheap electric toothbrushes are of low quality; hence, they wear off in no time. This leads to a frequent change of toothbrush head. This might not entirely be a bad feature considering the recommended need to change the toothbrush head every 12 to 16 weeks.

In conclusion, the cheaper electric toothbrushes can perform all the basic functions as much as the expensive ones. Therefore, buying a cheap electric toothbrush is in no way a disadvantage to getting oral care. It is safe and good to buy a cheap electric toothbrush.

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