Smiling in public is a gracious thing. It is something that needs to be done quite frequently every day. Although people smile on several occasions, some people try as much as possible not to smile, and when they do, they try as much as possible not to show their teeth. They are not proud to showcase their teeth due to the color of the teeth.

Some people that suffer from colored teeth do not have healthy oral hygiene, while some do but still deal with the issue of colored teeth.

A lot of people relate yellowing of the teeth to one’s inability to stick to a healthy oral habit. However, despite having healthy oral hygiene that includes brushing twice daily, flossing, and so on, some people still battle with yellow or brown teeth.

Some people even go to the extent of not using a manual brush. This is because they have learned either from the dentist or elsewhere that electric toothbrushes help to remove plaques. Yet even after using an electric toothbrush that is supposed to remove plaques, the stains in their teeth still remain.

Now the big question is why do the stain or color remain on the teeth after brushing twice daily, even with an electric toothbrush.

Causes of yellow teeth

Several things can cause the de-coloration of teeth leading to yellow or brown teeth. Below are some of the things that cause yellow or brown teeth.

  1. Unhealthy oral hygiene

On the top of the list of what causes yellow teeth is bad oral hygiene. People that have unhealthy oral hygiene hardly ever brush, floss or use mouthwash. They rarely brush once a day, not to talk of the two times daily that is recommended.

If you do not fall in this category, that is, you brush twice daily. This means that oral hygiene is probably not the reason why your teeth are yellow.

  • Smoking

Smoking and using products that have tobacco in them affects the color of the teeth. Yellow teeth are one of the many side effects of smoking. Smoking makes the teeth yellow easily and in a very short period of time. Irrespective of having healthy oral hygiene or the type of toothbrush you use, you will still have yellow teeth if you continue to smoke.

  • Diet

The foods consumed can determine the state of one’s oral health. The contents of what you consume can stain your teeth. Foods that have high tannin content, such as coffee, wine, alcoholic drinks, and so on. The contents of these foods can enter the enamel teeth enamel and cause the color of the teeth to fade away or change.

Also, certain drugs can cause the teeth to be colored. Studies have shown that some medications are prescribed for high blood pressure and some antibiotics. Some mouth rinses and washes that contain cetyl pyridinium and chlorhexidine have been found out to have the ability to stain the teeth.

Why do the teeth turn yellow after using an electric toothbrush

Although using an electric toothbrush will help to remove plaques that can cause the discoloration of the teeth. It is not 100% certain that it will totally prevent the teeth from being colored. Some habits can still cause the teeth to be yellow. Habits like smoking and an unhealthy diet can make the teeth yellow. Foods have content like tannin that can stain the teeth.

Another factor that can cause the yellowing of teeth is genetics and aging. As you age, the teeth’ enamel will slowly wear off, and this can cause the teeth to change color. This can, in a way, be associated with genetics. Genetics is what determines the thickness or thinness of the teeth’ enamel.

Although you use an electric toothbrush, you need to ensure you are doing the right thing. You need to make sure that you are doing the right thing. Ensure that you brush each of your teeth thoroughly. However, ensure that you do not brush your teeth harshly so that you do not erode the enamel of your teeth yourself.

Brushing cannot make the teeth white because all they do is clean the teeth and make them strong through the process of removing plaques.

Yellowing of the teeth can be caused by the loss or thinning of the teeth’ enamel. Even if it is done by an electric toothbrush, Brushing cannot bring back the teeth’ enamel. An electric toothbrush can also not change the dentin’s color.

Note that not stripping the teeth of plaques is also bad for the teeth. This is because the plaques will accumulate with time and harden. This will later turn to tartar. Tartar will give the teeth a yellow color that will not disappear even if you brush. Once you have an issue like this, it can get difficult to solve, and you will probably need to check up with your dentist.


It is not set in stone that you will have white teeth once you use an electric toothbrush. An electric toothbrush only helps to remove plaque, which is only one factor that can cause teeth yellow.

To prevent your teeth from becoming yellow, you need to consider all the factors that can cause the discoloration of your teeth. A healthy diet will help you to prevent teeth discoloration. Not just for your body but also your teeth. Avoid foods and drinks that can stain and make your teeth yellow. Avoid smoking or taking a substance that contains tobacco.

If you consider all these things, you are also consciously avoiding them, and you notice that your teeth are still yellow, you should see your dentist. The dentist can look into it and find out what the cause of the discoloration is. The dentist can also draft a treatment plan to make your teeth white. This can include teeth whitening methods using chemicals to bleach the teeth.

Visit your dentist today to get the perfect white smile that you crave!

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