7 Christmas Dental Tips to Protect Your Teeth

Christmas is right at the door, and your preps are done in time. You’ve bought gifts for everybody, the Xmas tree is loaded with beautiful sparkly ornaments, and the ‘calorie friendly’ dinner menu is already decided.

But gaining holiday weight shouldn’t be the only thing to worry about this year. You should also ponder protecting your teeth from all the sweet, colored foods and beverages.

Here are our top effortless teeth protection tips for this holiday season.

1.  Keep Away From Sweet Bars

We all love candies. Be it Halloween or Christmas, candy canes and sugary bars are our favorites regardless of our years on the planet earth. As we grow older, we realize that sweets add to unhealthy fat in the body and hurt our teeth.

The CDCP (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) says sugar-sweetened beverages and candies cause tooth decay and cavities on top of extra pounds.

Sure, you can have your favorite drink and candy anytime but maintaining a balance is what it’s all about.

2.  Rinse Your Mouth Frequently

A study evaluated what dentists think about dental hygiene and which practices they follow to make sure they are covered. They found that rinsing your mouth following meals helps clean out the bacteria and stops them from forming a film on your teeth.

So even if you drink or eat your favorite holiday treats this season (in moderation), remember to rinse your mouth because it will help minimize the acidic reaction of the teeth. If you can keep a mouthwash, it’ll be great to use.

3.  Drink More Water

If you want to enjoy your holidays and Christmas to the fullest, you will have to stay hydrated to cancel out the possible stains of acidic beverages, including juices and wines.

This will not only help with keeping you overall hydrated but also assist you in getting healthy gums by reducing chances for bad breath. Water helps produce more saliva, promoting plum gums and strong roots.

So make sure to drink water every time you pass by the fridge.

4.  Don’t Disregard Teeth Brushing.

It’s only normal to lose focus when you are joyful, and your family and friends are around. But you will have to stick to your dental hygiene routine. Brushing twice stays on top of the list.

Besides beverages, some other holiday foods can stick to your teeth. If you don’t brush and give it a good 5 to 10 minutes, the bacteria can accumulate in between your teeth and on the surface, leading to cavities.

So adding water for the best is also something you can add to your dental health.

5.  Enjoy Cheese

Why do we always smile when someone with a camera says CHEESE?

Cheese is proven to be good for your dental health, especially for teeth. Research by Nutrition and Bulletin says cheese neutralizes acid, sugar, and bacteria’s effects in the mouth through healthy saliva production.

Since you will get a lot of selfies this Christmas, make cheese your best friend. Enjoy cheesy foods in moderation and rinse the mouth with water afterward.

6.  Floss Properly

You may not forget brushing, but flossing can easily slip out of your mind at the end of the day when you are lazy and tired.

Motivate yourself to floss before eating foods rich in fiber and protein because some of them can get stuck in your teeth and host a party for bacteria.

If you find flossing time taking and don’t want to miss on anything going around the house, even for 2 minutes, then it’s good to have company with you. You can also play your favorite song and have a moment of me-time.

7.  Don’t Eat Piping Hot Foods.

Eating steaming hot foods or ice-cold foods and drinks can stain your teeth. The sudden temperature change will hurt your teeth, especially if your teeth are sensitive.

You have to wait for the food to get to an average temperature not to burn your mouth or esophagus when you chew or swallow food. Besides, it can also hurt your enamel leading to extreme sensitivity and shivers. 

You can follow these simple dental health tips and tricks to take care of your teeth in the holiday season and even when it’s over.

You can also follow some general tips to ensure your oral hygiene further.

General Oral Hygiene Tips

Visit your dental hygienist.

Visiting your dental hygienist will support your cause of healthy teeth and gums. You can ask for their help in quitting habits that pose a risk to your teeth. Ask them to recommend a good mouthwash that’s also mild, so it doesn’t irritate you.

Quit Smoking or Vaping

Numerous studies prove smoking to be bad for your dental health. The intoxicants not only dehydrate your mouth but also stain your teeth. Because precaution is better than cure, you have to try not to get stains. Once they do, it will take you thousands of dollars to get their pearly whiteness back.

Be Gentle on Your Teeth

To avoid dental sensitivity, you will have to be gentle on your teeth to save the enamel. This can work well if you are not distracted when brushing your teeth. If so, the brushing process can even take up to 20 minutes without you knowing. Apply adequate pressure and make sure you reach all the crevices and nooks of the teeth and wipe them clean.


You can get bowled away in the excitement of new clothes and gram-worthy photos but what you should remember is that you are going to smile a lot past Christmas as well, which is why your teeth must shine as bright as you are.

If there are three things we’d like to recommend you to follow religiously this Christmas, its:

We know avoiding wine and treats is like walking on eggshells, but you can do this.

If you have more ideas, please share in the comments.

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