Humanity, they say, runs on coffee. Coffee is a cup of joe. It can best be described as a cup of life’s essence. Besides water, coffee happens to be the world’s most popular drink. This implies how much coffee is consumed. Teeth stains are one disadvantage that comes with drinking coffee.

Reading about coffee stains and how tough they can be can sometimes be scary. The thought of losing those beautiful white teeth that enhance your smile can be terrifying. At the same time, you love your cup of coffee. In order to properly understand ways to prevent coffee stains, you need to understand coffee stains.

What are coffee stains on your teeth?

Coffee stains are yellowish or brownish discoloration left on your teeth from drinking coffee. Coffee has many organic compounds in them. The most important one that causes stains on the teeth is tannins. In order to fully understand how powerful and potent tannins are, they can be used to dye cloths. 

Tannins stain your teeth by producing colored substances that stick to your teeth. The teeth, on the other hand, have tiny pores that allow them to absorb this colored fluid. Those who love their coffee very early in the morning before brushing are at more risk. This is because the plaque that has not been removed overnight allows the tannins to stick more to the teeth. 

Beyond tannins, coffee generally is acidic in nature. This property gives them the ability to wear your enamel. The wearing of the enamel is bad for your teeth. They open up your teeth to various other oral diseases.

Coffee discolorations are much more difficult to remove. Hence, preventing them in the first place is usually best to maintain top-notch oral care.

Preventive measures against coffee stains

The simple way out would have been to just give up on coffee completely. But for many, the love for coffee is deep. This love can be attributed to its addictive tendencies. Beyond that, the benefits are another reason many would not want to give up on coffee completely. You do not have to give up on coffee completely. The following guidelines can help you prevent coffee stains on your teeth.

  • : A good way to prevent coffee stains on your teeth is to first cut back on your coffee intake. The number of cups you drink every day can be reduced to possibly just one cup per day. If you rely on coffee to keep you up and active throughout the day, then you might want to consider other options. Another option can be having a good night’s rest the previous night to ensure a productive day.
  •  Drinking coffee from a straw helps to limit its contact with your teeth. Most importantly, when drinking iced coffee. 
  •  People often drink coffee in small quantities throughout the day. This habit is one that enhances coffee stains on your teeth. Drinking your coffee at once rather than in gradual sips helps to prevent teeth stains. 
  •  Drinking water after your cup of coffee helps prevent teeth stains. The water helps to rinse the coffee off your teeth immediately after drinking it. This would not allow tannins to settle on your teeth long enough to cause stains.
  •  After drinking coffee, brushing your teeth helps prevent staining. Brushing your teeth after drinking coffee has to be at about 30 minutes after. The waiting period is to help reduce the acidity in your mouth before brushing. The acidic properties of coffee will enhance the wear and tear of your enamel if you brush immediately after.
  •  The use of whitening toothpaste in brushing your teeth helps to remove any stubborn stains. The whitening toothpaste helps to maintain your sparkly white teeth.
  •  An electric toothbrush has higher cleaning power. The higher cleaning power and can clean thoroughly. This would help prevent coffee stains on your teeth without wearing your enamel.
  •  Rinsing your mouth with a mouthwash after drinking coffee helps prevent stains. Using mouthwash to rinse is always better than using water. This way, the mouthwash can also kill any possible bacteria in the mouth.
  • Drinking your coffee while eating has the ability to prevent teeth stains. The action of saliva on the food as you chew helps to remove tannins. 
  • Fruits and vegetables like lemons, apples, strawberries, pears, and cucumbers can help prevent teeth stains. These fruits and vegetables have a lot of natural fibers that help clean your teeth when you chew them. They also help to break down bacteria and prevent teeth stains.
  •  Visiting your dentist from time to time can help prevent teeth stains. Every individual is unique, and so are their teeth. In view of this, your dentist is always in the best position to give any more peculiar prevention tips.


It is important to note that adding cream and sugar to your coffee does not reduce the action of tannins. Adding milk and sugar only increases your sugar intake. Increased sugar intake can cause tooth decay. If discoloration is already present, it can be treated. Treatment can be done with whitening products and with the help of professionals

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